ATLAS - a short movie (22’) written and directed by Maciej Kawalski.

Qualified to be considered for the 92’nd Academy Awards 🏆



A remote psychiatric hospital receives a fascinating patient — he doesn’t move nor speak but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname — “Atlas”. In a word, he is a riddle and riveting one at that, like an itch you cannot quite scratch. Theories and informed-and-fact-based-gossip flourish all around the place. As luck would have it, so does the conflict as what to do with him. The situation is close to exploding, but the Atlas won’t stir. Or will he?


#everypatientisastory #atlastheshortfilm #atlasbymaciejkawalski



Tomasz Kot as Adam Prazmowski

Nickname: Atlas

Marian Opania as Warden

Nickname: Earl

Kinga Ciesielska

as Nurse Ilona

Magdalena Pociecha

as Nurse Marysia

Agnieszka Michalska as Arts Therapist

Olga Miłaszewska as Musician Therapist

Ryszard Chlebus

as Eagle-Owl

Wojciech Cygan

as Bear

Krzysztof Mateusiak as Male Nurse

Sebastian Perdek as Male Nurse

Cezary Łukaszewicz as Male Nurse


director, writer

Maciej is an award-winning writer-director and a Doctor of Medicine. 

His latest production is a prime-time TV series for Canal+ “Mały Zgon”, which Maciej co-wrote and directed together with the show’s producer, Juliusz Machulski. 

His previous script, “The Clearing”, reached the Sundance Screenwriting Lab Semi-finals and was subsequently acquired for development by Brian Frankish and Stanisław Dziedzic. 

Currently, with backing of Polish Film Institute, Maciej develops his debut feature “Gentlemen of Zakopane”, starring Tomasz Kot as the lead. 

director of photography

In 2017 Paweł was awarded for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film by the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC) for his work in “I'm a killer” (directed by M. Pieprzyca), for which he also received a nomination from the Polish Film Academy. Paweł was nominated for the Golden Frog Award at Camerimage 2013 for “Life feels good”, also directed by Pieprzyca.

Pawel works on international projects in Poland, Armenia, India & more. He was a Director of Photography of “Fisheye” (directed by M. Szcześniak), selected for New Horizons' Polish Days Goes to Cannes 2018 to be showcased at Marché du Film in Cannes. 

His other DOP credits include a Canal+ TV series called “Zasada Przyjemności” and “Mały Zgon” directed by Maciej Kawalski and Juliusz Machulski.


Music was his greatest passion since he was a child. That is why he chose and successfully graduated from Jazz and Pop Music Department at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

He gained recognition after writing music for a movie entitled "Świadek koronny". His first award came three years later in 2010 - during Roma Fiction Fest he received the prize for the best music composed for a TV series "Naznaczony".
Łukasz composed music for movies which quickly achieved box-office success, such as "Listy do M."; “Kochaj i tańcz" (the first polish dance movie that was watched by a record-breaking number of viewers); "Odwróceni" or an animation "The Game" (that he also co-produced) and which was awarded during international festivals, e.g. Boston International Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, On Location: Memphis International Film and Music Fest, Canada International Film Festival, Indie Fest.

executive producer

Stanisław Dziedzic is a producer known for Mr. Jones (2019), Scaffolding (2017) and Illegitimate (2016).


Editor, special effects creator and author of graphic design of documentary and feature films.


Editor of many award-winning short fiction and documentary films.

Graduated from two film schools: Film & TV Production at Krzysztof Kieślowski Silesian University in Katowice, and Film Editing at the State Film School in Łódź. Nominated for a Yach Film Award in the Debut of the Year category for the Slutocasters’ music video “Monkey Monkey”. Editor of prize-winning commercials, e.g. Publisher W.A.B. “Haiti” by Marcin Wroński (1st prize at KTR 2014 Young Directors), “Blackness” by Anh (nominted at LA Fashion Film Festival 2016). As a commercial editor, she has worked for such brands as Nestlé, Orange, Getin Bank, Rainbow Tour, Sendit, W.A.B. Publisher.

In 2015 she made her full-length film‑editing debut – “Baby Bump” dir. Kuba Czekaj – receiving glowing reviews and recognition for her editing work. “Baby Bump” was very well received at major film festivals, e.g. Venice (Queer Lion Award).


Official Festival Selections and Awards


European Cinematography AWARDS
The Best Film of the Month and the Official Selection to Golden Eagles AWARDS


Happy End Festival 2019, Poland
Grand Prix


Miami Film Festival 2019, USA
Best Narrative Short 


28th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival, 2019, USA
Official Selection


16th annual Syracuse International Film Festival 2019, USA 
Judges’ Citation


16th Annual Rome International Film Festival 2019, USA
Best Narrative Short


DC Shorts International Film Festival 2019, USA
Audience Award


Nice European Short FF 2019, France
Official Selection


19th Nice European FF Un Festival C'est Trop Court 2019, France
Official Selection


Bermuda International Film Festival 2019, USA
Bermuda Shorts Winner


10th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival 2019, USA
Official Selection


47th Huesca International Film Festival 2019, Spain
First International Danzante Award


28th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2019, Australia
Official Selection


58th Krakow Film Festival 2018, Poland
Silver Hobby-Horse Award


Near Nazareth Festival 2018, Israel
Official Selection


Koszalin Film Debuts Festival 2018, Poland
Best Plot Canal+ Award


Łagów - Lubuskie Film Summer Festival 2018, Poland
Best music (Łukasz Targosz)


Nowogard Film - Art - Music Festival 2018, Poland
Official Selection


Gdynia Film Festival 2018, Poland
Best Short Multimedia Polska Award


Opole Film Festival "Opolskie Lamy” 2018, Poland
Audience Award



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